Charly’s Virgin

About Charly's Virgin

Charly’s Virgin’s page is a forum that deals with the challenges and issues women face. Infact all women related issues are discussed here. It’s a platform where women are celebrated, It’s for those that understand that virginity is of the purity of the heart, purity of the spirit and positivity of the soul. Nothing physical. It’s for those who celebrate their fellow women, who lift their fellow women. Not those whose hearts are filled with so much beef.

Benefit of being a Charly'svirgin

What Qualifies You to be a member :Have an open mind about woman hood, be filled with so much positivity and love in your heart…
Learning to be your sister’s keeper.Learning to be a team player in the midst of other women.Learning to love and cherish yourself so no man sees you as an option.¬†Learning how we can boost our self-confidence, and the positive use¬†of our femminity.